The main benefit to having your home’s air ducts cleaned is the removal of mold growth. Contaminated air ducts can become a breeding ground for microbe growth, even under normal conditions. Toxigenic mold, or mycotoxins, can be hazardous to residents. Whenever the HVAC system pushes air through the ductwork, mold spores are distributed throughout the home.


If water has entered the ductwork and the moisture wasn’t immediately dried up, mold and mildew will likely have developed. So, it’s a good idea to clean the ducts after this type of unexpected event. If your home has recently had a major renovation, especially with drywall work or floor sanding, it’s also helpful to have the ducts cleaned before the HVAC is turned on.

If mold is growing in the air ducts, mold spores will continue to grow and be distributed throughout the house with each HVAC cycle. Other debris that isn’t microbial is less of a health hazard.

Reduce the frequency of air duct cleaning or eliminate it altogether by keeping your house less dusty. Close doors and windows. Use doormats. Vacuum and damp mop floors frequently. Keep pets cleaned and groomed. Change the HVAC filter frequently.

Air duct cleaning is the process of clearing debris from air ducts, registers, grilles, and other components of a forced air system.

Since the ducts are hidden behind walls and above ceilings, the only way to effectively clean them is with a high-powered, truck-mounted vacuum and compression system. No other method guarantees a complete clean.

We recommend more frequent duct cleaning if you have indoor pets, or are sensitive to indoor air quality. You should also have your ducts cleaned if you have recently renovated your home, as this will increase the amount of dust in your forced air system.

Dryer vents need to be thoroughly and professionally cleaned on a regular basis to keep your dryer running effectively. But did you know that there are also safety and overall cost benefits associated with a clean dryer vent as well? Today we discuss four benefits of dryer vent cleaning, and how you can experience short-term and long-term advantages to your appliances.

Your clothes will dry faster.

By cleaning your dryer vent, you will notice a significant improvement with the amount of time it takes to dry your clothes. With moist, hot air caught insider your dryer drum, the extra time it takes to dry your clothes has a negative impact on your system, your clothes, and the lifespan on both.

Your dryer will last longer with less repairs.

Dryer vent cleaning increases the lifespan of your dryer. When there is lint or other obstructions stuck within your vent, it generates wear and tear on your appliance. This will cause parts to fail and prematurely shortens the duration of your dryer. If you want your dryer to last as long as possible, regularly cleaning your dryer vent helps that happen.

Lower your power bill.

The longer it takes to dry your clothes & linens, the higher your electricity bill will be. Clogged dryer vents significantly increase the amount of time it takes for your items to dry. If there is an obstruction in your dryer vent, the appliance is forced to work twice as hard to perform… Which in turn consumes more energy.

Reduce your risk of potential dryer fire.

Every year, fire departments across the US respond to home fires caused by dryers according to the National Fire Protection Association. These fires are caused by lint accumulation, meaning a lack of dryer vent cleaning can become a dangerous situation quickly. Cleaning your dryer vents annually will significantly reduce the chances of dryer fire.

Your dryer’s exhaust system can get clogged with lint, which will keep your dryer from functioning properly. As a result, the dryer will not only take longer to dry clothes, it will also increase your electric bill and create a fire risk. It’s a lose-lose-lose proposition.

The dryer vent has many important roles. The most important role it has is transferring heat from your dryer out of the home. The dryer vent acts like a chimney, and helps take the hot air from the dryer out of your home. Without the dryer vent, your dryer will probably spread heat, lint and debris all over the room it is located in.

Because a dryer vent is meant to remove heat, if it gets clogged it causes several problems which affect your dryer, and its efficiency. Here are the main signs and effects of a clogged dryer vents:

  1. Your dryer isn’t working as well as it used to – If your dryer is taking too long to dry your clothes, it should raise a suspicion. It happens to the best dryers. Over time, they will be less efficient. However, it doesn’t happen as quickly as a clog in the dryer vent. Many people have called the dryer technician, only to find out the dryer’s inability to remove air and humidity through the dryer vent was the main cause for efficiency loss.
  2. You notice a burnt smell around your dryer – that’s a pretty bad sign, but still – if you feel it’s the dryer – turn it off immediately. Dryer vents are a fire hazard if not cleaned properly, since the lint and debris inside are very flammable. Moreover, adding heat to a flammable substance is never a good idea. A burnt smell is an obvious sign you should have your dryer vent cleaned and your dryer checked – you don’t want a fire started because of something simple like that.
  3. Your dryer is super hot to the touch – it means the dryer isn’t aired out well. Same thing if you find your clothes are extra hot when the dryer is done. The dryer needs to exchange air properly to maintain a good heat and get rid of humidity from drying clothes. Without proper air circulation the dryer will over heat, causing it to break, shorten its life span, or in the worst case – start a fire.
  4. Dryer duct hood flap doesn’t open. If the duct hood flap isn’t opening like it usually does then there is some issue with your dryer. Try to look around for debris or lint. Sometimes the accumulation of lint near the dryer hose or vent opening restricts the flow of air. Don’t let the matter persist for too long. Call for professional help so that your dryer can be cleaned and restored to its original state. Sometimes, cleaning the plastic wire mesh resolves the issue but taking external help avoids unnecessary complications.

​Carpet manufacturers require you to clean your carpets at least once every 12-18 months to maintain the warranty. But if you’ve got a busy household, this could be too little. Vacuuming frequency and spot cleaning should determine how quickly your carpets need Green Carpets Cleaning, not the calendar.

Most manufacturers will require the carpet to be hot water extracted (that’s us!) and many of the premium carpet mills will require you to use an IICRC Certified Firm (also Green Carpet Cleaning!). Be careful of any carpet cleaner who is not certified. You should run from any cleaner who says they aren’t because “I’ve been doing this for many years.” Just hang up. Trust us, you don’t want the headache.

Because Green Carpet Cleaning technology works incredibly well on all surfaces, we’re proud to offer a wide range of cleaning services. We offer the following services:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Carpet and Upholstery Fabric Protector
  • Pet and Odor Treatment
  • Tile, Grout, Stone Cleaning and Sealing
  • Countertop Cleaning and Sealing

We offer carpet and upholstery protectants as an additional service. Most carpet manufacturers apply a topical fabric protector to their carpets during manufacturing. With time, this added layer of protector is worn down or removed due to traffic and cleaning. Your carpet’s ability to resist soiling and staining is reduced over time, allowing spots and spills to become permanent stains. We use the industry’s best protectant available. Please contact your local franchise for an estimate.

Green Carpets Cleaning understands that pet accidents happen, causing odor and discoloration in your floor coverings. If not properly treated, biological matter such as urine can create a breeding ground for bacteria. Most of our pet treatments require additional cost your cleaning specialist can discuss with you prior to beginning treatment. Any service recommended by your cleaning specialist is optional. If you decline pet treatment when it is necessary, please note that your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will be void for that area of your home. If you’re unsure about potential biological issues, your cleaning specialist should be able to inspect the carpet with a special UV light that helps illuminate the contaminates in the carpet. Our highly-trained cleaning specialists will be able to identify problem spots and assess the severity of the contamination.

We can clean some types of area rugs in your home as long as there is not urine, blood, feces or vomit and there is an appropriate surface to clean them on. For example we would not want to clean an area rug on top of your beautiful hardwood floors. We can definitely check what can be done and we’ll be able to give you an estimate on the day of your appointment.

Before we arrive for your appointment:

  1. We ask that you thoroughly vacuum the areas we will be cleaning.
  2. We typically run one person crews, so we ask that you move the furniture that you want moved.
  3. We do not move large or heavy furniture like pianos, entertainment centers, bookcases, large beds or other similarly heavy items. We also do not move electronics (TV’s, game systems, computers, lamps, etc.)

While we prefer that you or someone of accountable age be home during your appointment, it is not required. We do appreciate having someone there to confirm the areas that will be cleaned, discuss options and address any concerns we may encounter during the service. All of our Service Technicians are employees, not sub-contractors and we are fully insured. Normally we collect payment when we have completed the work so if you are not going to be home, please make arrangements with our Customer Service Representative for payment and so we can gain access to the property (keys, codes and how we lock up when we are done).

We ask that you have all the small items you want out of the room before we arrive.

  1. Due to liability concerns, we do not move large or heavy furniture like pianos, entertainment centers, bookcases, large beds or other similarly heavy items.
  2. We do not move breakable items or electronics like televisions, game systems, computers, lamps, etc. Your technician will do a great job cleaning around any items left in the room.