Carpets are easy to neglect and as a result, they tend to start looking dirty long before they are very dirty. This is why you need the services of Evergreen. We can remove dirt, stains, and odors quickly, efficiently, and safely.

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Carpet Cleaning

Whether you need regular maintenance or a deep restoration for carpet cleaning service, we are here to make your carpets look their absolute best! Most carpet cleaning companies in Salt Lake City will give you a low quote over the phone, but upon arrival, the price will double. We provide you with honest, upfront pricing so that there are no surprises, and the price does not skyrocket when we come to your home for your appointment. We have no hidden fees, no nickel and diming, and no upselling. We give our customers an honest, reliable, and trustworthy service.

Keeping Your Area Rugs in Spotless Condition

Our professionals work on rugs made of wool, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and more. We use effective cleaning agents, an enzyme deodorizer to eliminate foul smells, and high-powered fans to speed up the drying process. Your rug will be refreshed and sanitary for an affordable price.

Upholstery Cleaning

People spend most of their free time in the heart of the home: the living room. Whether you’re entertaining, or just relaxing, the last thing you want is to look at a big water stain ring on your sofa, or a foul smell coming from the spot where your dog usually sleeps. Professional upholstery cleaning maintenance is necessary because the furniture is used so frequently. You can visually see all of the stains on your furniture, but what’s even scarier is what’s not visible to the eye. Body oils, bacteria, germs, dust mites, mold spores, allergens, and bugs lurk in places that we cannot see.

Mattress Cleaning

Did you know that your mattress gains weight each year? Most mattresses can gain up to 5 pounds per year, due to dead skin cells, dust mites, dust mite feces, hair, pet dander, body oils, and sweat! We strongly recommend mattress cleaning at least once per year to remove these harmful contaminants, ensuring a safe, germ-free, allergen-free living environment for you and your family. After all, we spend 8 hours sleeping on our mattress, which is 1/3 of our day! 

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Microscopic pores allow dirt and other contaminants to become trapped in the tile and grout floors. The dirt and soil continue to build up in the porous surface, leaving the tile and grout looking dark, dirty, and discolored. Mopping the floor will not remove this soil, even hand scrubbing with harsh tile cleaners is ineffective, not to mention time consuming and extremely labor intensive. Evergreen removes years of stains and dirt from grout by meticulously scrubbing and deep steam cleaning each and every tile and grout joint with our special, heavy-duty, high-alkaline tile and grout cleaning solution, which is formulated to remove embedded dirt, sand, bacteria, allergens, grease, and soil. 

Other Services:

Air Duct Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning